Gender & Diversity Journalism

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Description (course content) – Gender and Diversity Journalism is designed to help content creators (Digital and Mainstream) understand how to select sources and stories to achieve a balanced presence of women and men, reflecting the composition of society and human experiences in their reports/contents. This course will include understanding Gender, Sex and Diversity terminologies and usages in reports. Why We Do Gender in Media Studies, How to better represent gender in the media, Diversity and How to report Diversity



For whom: 

  • Freelance and independent content creators
  • Civil Society Organization Programme Officers
  • Advocates and Human Rights Activists
  • Media practitioners
  • Advocates and social commentators / Analysts
  • Budding and professional journalists
  • Mass communication students
  • Public Relation Officers

The subject of gender in the media has not been interrogated enough in Africa. Indeed, given the phenomenal changes taking place in gender relations, transformations in the media landscape resulting from democratization and the spread of new information and communication technologies, gender have become an even more important unit of analysis in media representation than ever before.

There is so much misrepresentation and under representation of issues and groups in the media such that social stereotyping has taken over objective reporting and professionalism is now sacrificed on the altar of bias. That is why it is most pertinent that the content creators and all who are ally understand the proper concept, usage and context as that will not only reaffirm their commitment to the cause but it will also ensure that there are represented objectively which is critical for the development and fulfillment of open government principles of transparency, accountability and participation.



At the end of the course participants should be able to: 

  • Define Gender and Diversity
  • Be conversant with the terminologies and usage
  • Understand Why Gender and Diversity matter in media studies
  • Understand how to report gender and diversity issues in their beats.
  • Produce one story on Gender and another on Diversity Inclusion

Duration: 2 days


Date: 16th & 17th March 2021


Course fee: 10,000



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