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About Course

Our Digital Marketing courses expose participants to the use of new media technologies in sales, marketing, branding and entrepreneurship. Sourcing, analyses and use of consumer data is taught.


Our marketing courses offer students knowledge and skills in traditional marketing as well as in digital marketing and marketing management. It provides theoretical and practical frameworks in sales, strategy, pricing, product, planning, research, consumer behavior, advertisers mindset, media planning, scheduling & buying, media monitoring, APCON & NBC rules, marketing ethics, contracts, staffing and evaluation.

Our Digital Marketing courses expose participants to the use of new media technologies in sales, marketing, branding and entrepreneurship. Sourcing, analyses and use of consumer data is taught.

How media stations can improve revenue generation through effective, efficient and digital marketing is emphasized.

What will you learn?

Participants will learn:

 Basic sales and marketing fundamentals

 Principles, practices and types

 The creative marketing process

• Ideas generation

• Ability to innovate

• Ability to identify, develop, manage, retain and collaborate with creative people

• Ability to executive masterfully

 Strategy

 Information research

 Marketing and Mass Communication

 Marketing and programme planning

 Scheduling & Buying

 Media monitoring

 Regulations and regulatory agencies

 Marketing ethics, laws & contracts

 Marketing and credit control

 Digital marketing principles, practices and processes

 Marketing and new media

 Consumer behavior and analysis

 Improving Revenues

 Media entrepreneurship

DATE : APRIL 19 TH – MAY 22, 2021.


(1): Short Courses –  (1, 2 or 3 Days):

(2): Long Courses:

a. Basic – 4 Weeks (including 1 week of internship)

b. Intermediate  – 4 Weeks (including 1 week of internship)

c. Advanced – 4 Weeks (including 1 week of internship)

Short Marketing Courses – (1, 2 or 3 Days):

 Digital marketing

 Media entrepreneurship

 New revenue generation & strategies

 Marketing management

Special Marketing Course

 Entrepreneurial Marketing:

– this course seeks to help participants seeking to be entrepreneurs or who are already entrepreneurs, investors or managers of small and medium scale businesses with the road-map for business success. It also assists managers of large business with new top-line growth strategies. The core of this course is the use of entrepreneurial marketing as an essential competitive weapon to grow business and drive revenue.

– Participants end up producing an implementable marketing plan.


Topics for this course

2 Lessons

Introduction to WABMA

Digital Marketing

About the instructors

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Ken Ike Okere

South East Zonal Director, FRCN

Ken Ike Okere joined the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria – FRCN (Radio Nigeria) in 2007 as Head of the newly created Corporate Development & Communications Directorate, the strategy hub of the huge corporation.

He led a range of activities that modernized the 80-year old huge radio network: creating its first website; its first online content; its first corporate email addresses; and its first online live audio streaming service.

Other firsts include, the institution of modern Audience Research, Excellence Awards and e-newsletters (plus a print edition).

He has been a strong advocate for the full digitization and rebranding of the influential public broadcaster, crafting in 2010 a Corporate Plan meant to position the Corporation on the path of strategic growth, sustainability and modernization.

In 2013, he was appointed the Director of FRCN’s Lagos Operations, supervising three brands: Metro 97.7 FM, BOND 92.9 FM, and Radio One 103.5FM.

He is credited with the rebranding success of the FRCN Lagos stations, reformatting all three to be thematic channels in the fields of: All-News & All-Talk (Radio One FM), Lifestyle & Entertainment (Metro FM), and Language Broadcast (Bond FM); and positioning all three in the top 12 of the competitive Lagos broadcast market while ensuring that they had significant online presence.

He is currently the Zonal Director, FRCN South East Zone, Enugu, where he supervises FRCN’s 7 brands in 5 states and he’s already commenced a successful rebrand and turnaround of the Zone’s lead station, Coal City FM, Enugu, converting it from a general broadcaster to an All News! All Talk! All Sports! Channel and one of the few FRCN’s 40 stations with hours of podcast and online content.

In 2019, Coal City 92.9FM won the Nigeria Media Nite Out (NMNO) award of Best Station of the Year South East, and 3rd best nationwide.

Ike schooled in Universities in Nigeria and the United States, with undergraduate and graduate degrees in Theatre, Media, Communications and Journalism.

Ken Ike Okere leads quite a diversified life. He is active in literary circles (co-founding the Abuja Literary Society, Eko Literary Society and Enugu Literary Society); and is an author.

He is also active in Training circuits where he specializes in Media, Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship training as well as in Strategy, Business and Personal development.

In recognition of Ken-Ike as a change-maker and social entrepreneur, he was, in 2008, awarded the prestigious, lifetime, international ASHOKA Fellowship for Social Entrepreneurship.

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