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About Course

For everyone who wishes to produce picture packages, such as documentaries, online/TV commercials, features, news reports, YouTube content, personal messages, etc.;

For producers, media practitioners, bloggers, music artistes, poets & spoken word artists, DJs, Comedians, churches, advertising agents, etc.

(Two Tracks: Choose one):
A. Weekend Track:
Fri & Sat. Classes                     
 (10am-4pm each day)
Date: 25th October- 26th November 2022.

Duration: 5 weeks plus Optional internship for up to 6 months
Accommodation is available on request.

B. Online Track

N40, 000
(Accommodation Available on Campus on Request)

Post-graduation internship available

What Will You Learn?

  • Module 1
  • -
  • What do you want to photograph?
  • An overview of photography in the modern era. Get familiar with your camera, and how it works, and get started with improving your photography straight away!
  • Camera Features and Functions
  • Making sense of camera terminology and modes on cameras. Getting familiar with what cameras can do and what all the different buttons do.
  • Lenses - Your view of the world through your camera
  • Exploring different lens types, understanding focal length, and getting the most out of your current setup.
  • Composition - Start seeing as a photographer
  • Improving photos instantly by understanding basic composition and ideas on what to look out for!
  • Shutter speeds
  • What shutter speeds are and how to use them creatively to capture motion. An important step to full control.
  • Apertures
  • What apertures are and how to use them effectively to create depth and the next step to full control.
  • ISOs
  • How ISO works and the important role it plays in our lower-light and high-speed photography. Improve your focusing ability in the lesson too.
  • White Balance
  • Why do our cameras sometimes get colours wrong, or how can you really bring out the colours in that sunset? Find out with White Balance in this lesson.
  • Good Exposure and the Light meter
  • What is exposure and how the camera measures light? No more photos that are too dark or too bright! Make sure you get it perfect every time.
  • Fully manual mode - Take complete control
  • Putting it all together to take full creative and technical control. Getting to a fully manual is only the beginning, it will unlock your potential as a photographer.
  • Module 2
  • -
  • Capturing better portraits
  • Learn how to capture better photographs of people of all ages, individually or as a group. Communication is key here and an important skill you will need to develop as a photographer. No matter your camera type a great portrait is just a click away.
  • Shooting landscapes, harder than it looks!
  • The importance of colour
  • Seeing in Black and White
  • Photography in Low Light and at Night
  • Macro Photography - get closer!
  • Food Photography - Photos good enough to eat!
  • Photographing wildlife
  • Module 3
  • -
  • Histograms - Measuring tones and exposure
  • Metering modes - change how you see light
  • Lens Filters - a guide
  • HDR photography
  • Flash Photography Part 1
  • Flash photography part 2
  • Studio lighting part 1
  • Studio lighting part 2
  • Module 4
  • -
  • Basic editing - taking your photography further
  • Adjustment tools - target perfection
  • Editing for landscapes
  • Editing for portraits
  • Colour and Black and white editing
  • HDR and Panoramic creation
  • Lowlight Photography Editing
  • Creating a portfolio - a critical eye on your work

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