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Presentation (Long Course)

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Introduction To WABMA

Module One {1} : Voice Training
- Module 1 teaches the impact of voice training and how it enhances self-confidence; it lists options available to the student; and, it takes the student through appropriate practical exercises that helps train the voice.

Module Two {2} : Introduction to Phonetics
Module 2: defines phonetics and identifies the different types of phonetics; and, the Module takes the student through appropriate practical exercises.

Module Three {3) : Identifying Organs of Speech
- Module 3 examines the organs of speech diagram; provides the definitions for them; itemizes their locations in the speech process; and, identifies their functions.

Module Four {4}

Module Five (5): Articulating Vowels and Consonants Speech Sounds
-This Module shows students that spellings are no constant guide to pronunciation; it examines the articulatory process involved in speech sounds; and, provides video interactive exercises from the BBC and several other professional stations with practical tips about how to be a professional broadcast presenter. It’s a long session; so, prepare well, get writing stuff ready, pause the video often and PRACTISE!

Module Six (6) The Essence of Transcription and Use of Daniel Jones Pronouncing Dictionary

Module Seven (7)
– This session examines the Presenter’s tools for speaking right; Lists the expectations of a Presenter in continuity; provides delivery tips; and, shows how to achieve a conversational style in presentation broadcast.

Module 8: Interview Techniques

Module 9 : News Reading

Module 10 : Music On Radio

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Equipped with the best in career developments ! kudos wabma
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