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WABMA Media Development Foundation

About WMDF

WABMA Media Development Foundation is dedicated to building the capacity of media practitioners and media institutions for a free, independent, and diverse media in a democratic West Africa.

This is part of our contribution to the building of a progressive, stable, and democratic Africa.

What We Do

Media Capacity Building

Community Development and Outreach

Rejigging of media firm for better revenues and sustainability

Rebranding of media firms

Media Collaboration

Aims and Objectives

  1. To promote media literacy
  2. To promote the development of independent and professional media
  3. To promote democracy, development, and public health through sustainable media.
  4. To drive for a more inclusive media that would embrace Diversity and Gender Partnership
  5. To collaborate with various organizations for media development and capacity building in the industry
  6. To promote climate journalism, fair media coverage of elections, investigative and development journalism with integrity and ingenuity.

Our Projects

PVC Awareness

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