Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  •  What are the Options/Tracks Available:

Answer: There are three tracks for the Long Courses: Weekday, Weekend, or Online.

Weekday Track:

In-Campus classes hold Tue, Wed, Thur.

Weekend Track:

In-Campus classes hold Friday and Saturday.

Online Track:

Online videos and Live Zoom classes for the month of the course with additional one week of grace.

Students will choose one track during registration.

 Short courses are available in-campus and online.

  •  Will there be a certificate issued at the end of the training?
    – YES.
  •  Is there accommodation?
    -Hostel Accommodation available with the following attributes:

Hostel accommodation,Each Hostel Room en-suite,24/hr electricity,Running water in and around the campus.

20,000 for the one-month Long Course schedule.

5,000 for the 2-Day Short Course schedule.

Limited accommodation; First come, first served.

  •  For how long will the training be?

 Trying starts 9am – 4pm each day. We may close a bit earlier on the last day if there are participants traveling out of Enugu same day.

  •  Will there be professional and technical support after the training?
    – YES


  •  What are the benefits drivable from the training?

– Knowledge about the many opportunities available in the media world
– How to take advantage of these opportunities
– Knowledge about current cutting-edge trends and practices
– Overview about programme production process
– Social media basics for income
– Overview of long certificate courses that would start in Jan. 2020

  •  Is WABMA registered?

– Sure! WABMA is fully registered and certified as a training institute.

  •  Where is the Campus situated?

WABMA Campus @ No. 22 Upper North Rd 10, New GRA, Trans-Ekulu, Enugu, Enugu State.

A short ride from Polo Mall.


– must have a verifiable guarantor

– loan applicant should preferably be gainfully employed; though job seekers with strong guarantors may be considered
– must show a repayment plan – how he/she intends to repay.
– loan can only be applied to WABMA courses.