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Audio Editing & Production

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About Course

Week 1: Introduction to digital audio and audio editing software

  • Understanding digital audio concepts and terminology
  • Introduction to common audio editing software
  • Basic software setup and configuration

Week 2: Basic editing techniques

  • Trimming and cutting audio clips
  • Pasting and overlapping clips
  • Using the timeline and waveforms to navigate and edit audio

Week 3: Working with different types of audio files and formats

  • Understanding common audio file types and formats
  • Importing and exporting audio files
  • Converting file types and formats

Week 4: Removing noise and enhancing sound quality

  • Identifying and removing unwanted noise
  • Enhancing sound quality with equalization and compression
  • Applying filters and effects to improve sound

Week 5: Adjusting volume levels and adding fades and crossfades

  • Understanding volume levels and meters
  • Adjusting volume levels for consistent sound
  • Creating fades and crossfades for smooth transitions

Week 6: Working with effects and filters

  • Using effects and filters to enhance sound
  • Applying effects and filters to individual clips or entire tracks
  • Creating custom effects and filters

Week 7: Creating and editing music tracks

  • Understanding music composition and arrangement
  • Using MIDI and virtual instruments to create music tracks
  • Editing and mixing music tracks

Week 8: Mixing and mastering audio

  • Understanding the mixing process
  • Balancing levels, panning, and EQ
  • Finalizing the mix with mastering techniques

Week 9: Exporting and sharing audio files

  • Exporting audio files in various formats
  • Sharing audio files online or via physical media
  • Understanding copyright and licensing considerations for audio content
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What Will You Learn?

  • How to produce a professional podcast
  • Record a radio programme
  • Produce professional audio for social media
  • Produce professional jingle adverts products and services
  • How to produce well-packaged messages and audio for churches
  • How to produce promotional messages for NGOs, non-profits and ventures
  • For everyone who wishes to produce audio packages, such as podcasts, jingles, spoken word, news reports, YouTube content, etc.;
  • For producers, media practitioners, bloggers, music artistes, poets & spoken word artists, DJs, Comedians, churches, advertising agents, sound makers, etc

Course Content

Introduction to WABMA

Audio Editing Software
Adobe Audition software for audio production masterclass.

Module 1 : Lesson 1
Audio Editing & Production Masterclass: Introduction to sound production, editing ,packaging and exporting.

Module 2 : Lesson 2

Module 3 : Lesson 3
Learn mastering ,packaging and sound production

Module 4 : Lesson 4
How to Export a packaged sound, jingle or music ....

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2 years ago
Awesome !!!!kudos wabma