Intermediate Presentation

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Module 1. Summary of Basic Presentation
Module 1: Gives a rehash of what transpired in the Basic Presentation. Course: Topics like Voice training techniques, different aspects of Phonetics, functions of speech organs, the importance of Diction, articulation of English speech sounds, essence of Transcription, factors that guide successful delivery of scripts, attributes of a Newsreader, and valid facts in Music presentation.

  • Lesson 1

Module 2. Presenter as a Communicator
Module 2 examines the expectations of a Presenter as a communicator; the principles of effective communication. Module 2 concludes with tips on how to improve the art of Ad-libbing. Participants to submit field assignments.

Module 3. a. Title: Writing links for continuity shifts, outlines and organizing presentation deliveries.
Module 3 provides basic procedures for writing broadcast announcements; emphasizes the need for outlines in speech delivery and examines the importance of organizing presentation materials. Participants will be engaged with field assignments.

Module 4. a. Title: Effective use of English weak forms in speech delivery.
Module 4 defines Weak forms; explains why presenter's need to speak more frequently in Weak forms plus their usages in spoken English.Participants are expected to submit recorded practical assignments.

Module 5. a. Title: Perfecting the art of Transcription.
Descriptive Summary. -Module 5 explains the roles of syllables and stress in transcription and provides useful tips for effective application.It's an intense practical session with assignments.

Module 6. The voice -over Presenter for Radio & Tv commercials.
Descriptive Summary. - Module 6 defines a voice -over Presenter; itemizes their qualities and the criteria for analyzing commercial scripts. Practical sessions will be given to participants for assessment.

Module 7. Master of Ceremonies MC’s.
Descriptive Summary. -Module 7 examines how to successfully get a good preparation as an Mc; the module will explain the expected roles of an Mc in corporate events as well as wedding events.

Module 8. Conclusion.
Module 8 summarizes all the lectures from module 2.

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