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How To Design Websites Using Content Management Systems

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About Course

Welcome to the Website Design Course using Content Management Systems (CMS).

This course will provide you with the skills necessary to design, build, and maintain a professional website using a CMS.

The course is designed for beginners and assumes no prior knowledge of website design or CMS.

By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and skills to build a website that looks great, is easy to navigate, and is optimized for search engines.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to design and build a fully functional website using a CMS platform of your choice
  • How to purchase domain names and web hosting
  • How to customize a website design theme to fit your branding and content needs
  • How to maintain a website to ensure it is secure and works optimally

Course Content

Introduction to Content Management Systems

  • What Is A Content Management System?
  • Examples Of Popular CMS Platforms
  • Benefits Of Using CMS Platforms
  • How To Create A Website Structure
  • How To Register A Domain Name And Choose A Web Hosting Plan
  • Habits Of Good Web Designers
  • Questions on Introduction to Content Management Systems

How to Design Websites using WordPress CMS

How to design websites using SiteCrafta

Website Maintenance and Security

Student Ratings & Reviews

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2 days ago
It's a great course really broad and quite tasking but interesting. I really learnt a lot
Thanks to Mr Israel Unya
Israel Unya
6 months ago
Nice course
6 months ago
To be honest this course was helpful and I learnt a lot
6 months ago
This three weeks has been very educative for me learning about web design with many app and tools online it has a been a wonderful time and I advise anyone that wants to lean should calm down and do so and I promise you won’t be disappointed
6 months ago
It was an interesting course where i learnt how to develop dynamic, multi-paged websites (including e-commerce solutions), I learnt about website structure, Content Management Systems(CMS), learnt how to build a responsive website, and also learnt basic website security and maintenance.
6 months ago
I am so elated and proud writing this review. Elated I had someone such as Mr. Israel Unya as a mentor and working under his tutelage has been the best thing that has happened for me this election break. Proud that I can confidently go out and boast of a newly attained skill that I hope and look forward to improving and fine tuning for my benefits. The web design/development course has been a great one, a yardstick that has been made achievable thanks to the help of our ever follow up teacher. The way he engages us, the detailed teachings, the precise,concise videos that keep us adept in what we're learning is what has really helped me appreciate and learn the skill of web designing. In addition what was very key was how he was always thinking out loud, meaning that while we watched him work, every single thing that should normally be thought in the mind of a human being, he consciously made them audible so we could understand his thought process and in turn make it our own. By normalising making his thought process audible, I understood more what was required of designing a website without him having to explain everything to us. And always delivering the videos on time helped to keep me abreast with the course and my mind refreshed with what I've learnt. A simple recap and everything I need to do comes back like it never left. The videos coming on time is highly appreciated and was what kept me on my toes. I especially enjoyed learning and using other tools on the internet that can get the required result I'm looking for to aid web designing such as compressor tool, remove.bg, chatGPT, etc. Knowledge of these tools has greatly helped to advance work and using them proves helpful all the time. So I thank and want to extend my congratulations to Mr. Israel Unya for showing me a whole new world and what I can accomplish so far I put my mind and hands to the task. It's really breath taking knowing I can gain another fathomable skill such as this one and I hope to make the best of this opportunity as I keep practicing with the videos I have been given. Thank you WABMA for having someone so ghastly as Mr. Israel Unya in your team.
6 months ago
This course has been very help to me . I learnt a lot
Francis Igbokwe
7 months ago
Honestly I learnt alot
7 months ago
It’s a great course taught by a good teacher. I really learnt a lot.
6 months ago
It's really nice . I like how it works. Just wish it could have been a physical class. Despite that, the lesson was really nice especially the practicals. Thank you.
7 months ago
It's very nice