Course Content
Introduction to WABMA
Introduction to Public Speaking
Understanding the basics of public speaking and identifying individual goals and challenges.
Communication Fundamentals
Developing effective communication skills through verbal and nonverbal communication techniques.
Preparing for a Presentation
Understanding the importance of preparation, setting goals and objectives, organizing ideas, and researching the topic.
Building an Effective Presentation
Techniques for creating powerful introductions, engaging content, and memorable conclusions.
Visual Aids
Effective use of visual aids such as slides, videos, and props to enhance presentations.
Delivery Techniques
Developing skills in tone, pace, pitch, and projection, as well as using body language effectively.
Overcoming Nervousness
Identifying and managing anxiety and nervousness associated with public speaking.
Dealing with Questions and Feedback
Developing techniques to handle questions, feedback, and criticism.
Speaking to Different Audiences:
Adapting communication styles to different audiences, including multicultural and diverse audiences.
Practice and Feedback
Opportunities to practice speaking and receive feedback from peers and the instructor.
Presentation Tools and Technology:
Introduction to technology tools that can be used for effective presentations, such as video conferencing tools and virtual presentation software.
Final Presentation:
Each student presents a final presentation with feedback from peers and the instructor.
Diction & Pronunciation
Gouni Zoom lessons
Presentation & Public Speaking Masterclass
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